Funding for Renovation at J-LABO, Brooklyn in NY


J-LABO is a place where the conventions of intercultural chemistry are challenged and the possibilities of creative collaboration and experimentation are deeply explored as an unifying effort between Japanese culture and the cultures of the world. Artists who gather under J-LABO can collaborate, create and implement Japanese-themed works.

Since it’s just launched, J-COLLABO has been working with numerous artists to make innocative Japanese-themed projects which are taken place in the world. We have offered new ideas and funds for projects through our fundrasing engine, and an access to our staff and J-LABO collaborations and space for their projects. 

We are affiliated with the following art foundations/venues as J-LABO. 

  • J-LABO in Manhattan, NY (contributed by J-SALON9)
  • J-LABO in Queens, NY (contributed by RESOBOX Gallery)
  • J-LABO in Brooklyn, NY (contributed by O&S Shimoda Art Foundation)  
  • J-LABO in Oita, Japan (venue: TBD)

Currently, the space in Brooklyn needs to be funded to renovate to be an experimental, innovative and creative space for artists. 

$50,000 will be used for setting up facilities including a lighting system, a sound system, a construction for water supply, wall paintings, a sound proof and some other materials such as chairs, tables, a piano, speakers, screens and amps.

Here is our as-built desing.

The 4000-sq-ft space is located at the heart of Brooklyn, Park Slope which has the highest concentration of emerging arts and culture in New York. We are going to have various kinds of events and projects such as movie nights, art installations, live music performances in this space which will definitely bring a huge value to the local community as well as to an entire community for Japanese culture in New York. 

Name Plate in Honor

A donor’s name will be carved on a plate which will be decorated inside the venue. The size of the plate varies depending on the amount of donations.    

$10,000+   Name placement as a Diamond supporter + J-Alliance Card
$5,000+   Name placement as a Gold supporter + J-Alliance Card
$2,500+   Name placement as a Silver supporter + J-Alliance Card
$1,000+   Name placement as a Blond supporter + J-Alliance Card 
$100+      J-Alliance Card

Please help us make it happen.

Our J-Alliance is a fundraising to provide some opportunities .  All contributions are tax-deductible, and contributors will be recognized in the official video credits.

You may solicit donations from your friends and become a group donor (Click on “I would like to raise money too”), or donate as an individual. Either way, you will be part of this monumental event!

Please Donate!

We’d like to ask you to provide your generous financial support to help maintain our activities. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated.