FIT "Shoe Obsession"

We’ve interviewed Masaya Kushino, a shoe designer visiting New York, about his exhibition, “Shoe Obsession” held in The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology from February 8th to April 13th.


Mr.Kushino is from Hiroshima province in Japan. After his college life at Kyoto Creative Design College, he studied abroad in Italy. While he’d designed for men’s fashions and worked as a stylist, he got a Grandpre in JILLLA LEATHER GOODS AWARDS in 2007, which leaded him to a career of producing leather shoes and bags as MASAYA KUSHINO. He’s having exhibitions in Paris, Kyoto, and other places.

His primary concept of designing shoes is utilizing Japanese traditional techniques in order to introduce them to the rest of the world. This is a very unique work to Mr. Kushino, who chose Kyoto to learn designs with his strong wish to

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be a global artist.







The theme of this work is “The Bailiff of the Hell.” It remains the audience of a Japanese traditional art technique,

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Sukashi-bori, or a Japanese paper lantern. He actually presented an installation with these shoes actually lit in Paris.







This motif, “hairs,” is often used in his several works. The theme of this work is “Rutan: a horse of wind,” which he got its image from a scene a horse running through the wind. This work is exhibited in his current show at FIT.









A work which was inspired by the Tohoku earthquake is referring to a growth of plants and people’s walking. Making the lifestyles of people overlapped, he is positively expressing rebuilding and reborn through this pair of shoes.

Mr.Kushino is interested in expressing a Japanese sense of beauty through naturally adopting Japanese traditional materials and techniques, such as Urushi, leather, and so on. He would like to keep going global and providing the world with new possibilities of shoe designs, which exceeds the limit of them as just a part of fashions.