Donation was Made to Traveling Daycare for Fukushima Children

By Mina Hiraiwa

Donation money raised at “Kaleidoscoping Tohoku – 3 years after the disaster in Japan 2011–” organized at J-Labo Brooklyn was given to Traveling Daycare for Fukushima Children.


Traveling Daycare for Fukushima Children is a Fukushima-based nonprofit organization, taking Fukushima children to low-radiation parks to play.

The idea of traveling daycare came from this question: “How can we provide safer environment for raising children with the least radiation?” Traveling daycare was the dream of many families in Fukushima who have children, but do not benefit from government financial support. They wanted to evacuate, but could not do so. Still, the children in Fukushima cannot play freely outside because of radiation concerns.

Traveling Daycare for Fukushima Children takes children in Fukushima to parks with low radiation. The organization goes to the chosen parks to measure the radiation level and safety before actually taking children there. It also checks the grass, the flowers, the insects, and makes plans for children to play in the park and enjoy without fears of radiation.