4 corners of circles runway on Feb 7th.

The runway show, “4

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corners of circles,” was held on February 7th. J-Collabo supported this show in its direction this time again. Leaded by Fumio Tashiro, opening act fascinatingly suggested a new expression of the theme of this entire show, the IKUSA, which means “battle,” with a performance of Japanese traditional dancing and Japanese drums.

This season, Natsuko Kanno channeled strength, and looked to her Japanese roots to find inspiration from the IKUSA; translation: “battle”. The intricacy of traditional Samurai design and the history of Japanese battles from the late 15th -16th centuries, deeply inspired Kanno when developing her Fall 2013 Collection.


Kanno utilized her expert silk-screening techniques to design an original arrow print which is thoughtfully incorporated throughout the fall line. This print symbolizes the Samurai’s weapon

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of choice; the arrow, over the sword. In Kanno’s own philosophic terms, the IKUSA symbolizes strength. In today’s world and with traditional and modern battles still raging, Kanno’s message is this: one still must manage, go out into the world and fight for the life they want, not simply sit idle and bear silently with life’s blows. One must find their own way, to make this world a better place. Through design, these expressions take form as the 4 CORNERS OF A CIRCLE collection, where women are strong and sexy, worldly and confident, yet may simultaneously exude a soft side. Effortless modern femininity is evident in the structured silhouettes, rich woven textures, luxurious silks and hi-tech Japanese paper and knit fabrics. The season surrounds us with a warm color palette of blues, rich caramel and cream, shimmering silver, charcoal gray and deep burgundy.