The Art of Japanese Beauty: Past, Present and Future

“The Art of Japanese Beauty” to celebrate the art of Geisha makeup, dance and music, and food and shochu

“The Art of Japanese Beauty: Past, Present and Future” will feature a presentation and discussion of ancient Japanese makeup and beauty techniques by a Kaoshi, master of Japanese makeup and beauty craft traditionally dedicated to the service of Kabuki actors and Geisha. The event will also include performances of modern dance set to traditional Japanese Koto music, food and sake tastings, and an exhibition of antique Japanese beauty implements and authentic ceremonial Kimonos.

Friday, May 11, 6 to 9PM

Audi Forum 250 Park Avenue (at 47th St), New York, NY, 10017

Admission is limited to 200 guests. RSVP required.

RSVP : by May 8

Suggested minimum donation $20 at the door


7:00PM: Makeup Demonstration by Satomi Shiroma, Kaoshi from Kyoto, (Moderator) Yumiko Nishikawa


Kaoshi, literally translated, means makeup “master,” an artist exclusively trained in Japanese traditional “white” makeup for dance performances and religious ceremonies. It is said that there are only 10 Masters in Japan, as the title should be strictly handed down from one Master to his/her apprentices after a long period of training which could take more than 20 years in most cases. Satomi was born in Okimawa, practiced traditional Ryukyu dance since early childhood. She relocated to Kyoto at the age of 24, inspired by the aesthetics and sophistication of the city. Through an apprenticeship under the Kaoshi Master Keisuke Okuyama, a legend in the field, she has polished her technique in the fields of film, opera, and Japanese traditional dance, etc. Major works: Untamagiru(movie), Samuel Beckett(movie), Tale of Genji(opera), Yuzuru(opera), Sagimai(Gion-festival), and Chushingura(Gishi-festival), etc.

7:45PM: Dance Performance “Boundary Line” by Kana Kimura, with music by Yumi Kurosawa, Rie Nishimura and Kotaro Hachinohe

A line is drawn. A boundary line comes into existence. If one line is drawn, two spaces are born. However, is it possible to clearly understand them both? Although the two spaces are separated, nothing can ever be completely split in half, and the boundary between them is always wavering. While approaching and leaving this boundary line, we move forward without faltering, while at times comparing things to the past, and at others, imagining the future. This performance will feature the boundary that one line will create. From the comparison of the two spaces straddling this line, from the drifting music, from the wavering dancers within everything, what will we capture with our eyes? At the same time, we may be experiencing a journey in which we confirm our places in this world.

+ Video Collaboration by Oliver Power, Mitsu Hagiwara and Biwa studio

+ Tea Demonstration by Soki Usui

+ LOVE JAPAN : Charity Sales and Silent Auction to benefit Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief effort. (Performance by Yuko Takahashi Dance Company from Sendai.)

This is our premier event for J-COLLABO as a non-profit organization, and we are excited to have this opportunity to cast a new light to the old, meet new friends, and start new dialogs.

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