Hitoshi was born in Beppu, Oita, on Kyushu Island of Japan, and graduated from Polytechnic University. For 13 years he held the coveted position of Creative Director at the international cosmetics giant, Shiseido, which provided him the opportunity to not only hone his skills in the graphic, product and package design, store design and web design, but in all phases of production and marketing. He is now president of Saga Creative Corp., a design consultancy based in New York City, for new cosmetics brands being introduced to both mass and prestige markets.




Founder of The September Concert Foundation, which organizes an annual global festival of music for peace. Haruko is former COO of Felissimo New York, which for 20 years was home to many creative ideas, products and exhibitions, as well as a venue for socially and culturally significant events. In collaboration with UNESCO, she also directed DESIGN 21: Social Design Network, an online community to promote “Design For The Greater Good,” and launched DREAM (Dance, Read, Express Art, Music) Centers for children in post-conflict regions of the world, including Kabul (Afghanistan), Port-au-Prince (Haiti), Phnom Penh (Cambodia), and Monrovia (Liberia).



Sacchi Shimoda was born in Seoul, Korea with Japanese parents. After graduated from Keisen Junior College in Tokyo, she moved to New York to learn graphic art at Parson’s School of Design, NY and graduated from NYC Community College with A.A.B degree in graphic art in 1979. After she worked at Asian Society Gallery, Rockefeller Foundation and some department stores, she started her own business as an art consultant in 1987 and engaged in many international art exhibitions introducing Contemporary American Arts to Japanese Museums.



Born in Kyoto. Graduated from department of Economics, Doshisha University and here she also has gotten an art curator’s license.
After years working in art galleries in Osaka/Kyoto area, she became a curator at the Kobe Fashion Museum in 1990. The works there included collecting art works, conceiving and producing art and fashion exhibitions, organizing special events and supervising public relations, related to her specialty: Haute Couture Fashion and Fashion Photography. In February 2005, moved to HOUSE of SHISEIDO Gallery in Tokyo as a Chief Curator .
After the gallery was closed in 2008, she established Arte all’arte Co., Ltd. “Arte“ means “art” in Italian and “Arte all’arte” means “Art for Art”. She proposes a life with art for all people who love art.
Now she works on many art exhibitions, fashion and art events and marketing in Japan and several other countries for art & life style goods.




Born in Tokyo. Graduated from Tokyo Woman’s Christian University, BA of History. Worked at NEC as a computer system saleswoman and introduced logistic systems to the retail market such as Mitsukoshi and Takashimaya. Moved to New York in 1995 and since then, her mission has been to introduce Japan to the United States. She has been working with an American economist to publish The Oriental Economist Report every month since 1997. She started her own Japanese culture classes at P.S.3 elementary school in the Greenwich Village in 2007. Right now she teaches Japanese to both Japanese and American children at Tenri Cultural Institute. Also as a curator, she organizes various art exhibitions and concerts as well at Tenri Cultural Institute and also is developing cultural classes. As a Gagaku musician, she is always attempting to collaborate with other musicians, such as DJ Baauer, to introduce ancient Japanese court music to U.S.


Assistant Director of Web Design

Kazuya’s bace is Fukuoka prefecture in Japan. He studied art in Oita Prefectural College of Art and Culture. He worked design in Advertising company. After that, he joined J-COLLABO.Kazuya is artist . his art theme is ‘prayer’. And he makes products of ‘KODOMONOUTA’ . It means children’s ensemble.



Writing and Accountant

One year after graduating from Keio University in Japan with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics in 2003, she passed Japanese CPA exam, and started her career as an auditor at KPMG AZSA LLC. in Tokyo. She had audited various domestic and international companies for 5 years. The city of NY kept her fascinated for 10 years since she traveled there for the first time, and she left the company to start living in NY in 2009. She started to volunteer weekly free newspaper called “Shukan NY Seikatsu” as a writer. She is now actively working in NY to make her dream of consulting Japanese companies and people in the USA as a Japanese CPA and expanding her opportunities as a writer come true.



Fumio Tashiro, a.k.a. “Bomb Sun” ­–Founder of RESOBOX, WATER BRAIN
He was born in Kumamoto, Japan and moved to the US in 1991 to challenge himself as a musician. He plays upright bass and creates original musical compositions.Acknowledged by his mentor, Milt Hinton, to be his best pupil, Bomb Sun became a well-known player on the NY jazz scene, with solid skills in experimental improvisation. He has more than 20 years experience of writing, touring, and performing music. Bomb Sun’s newest compositions blend this solid background with a newer digital approach, producing a unique and broad spectrum of sound.




Takeyama was born in Miyazaki, Japan. He moved to the United States in 1978, and studied photography at the International Center of Photography in New York City.
After working as an assistant for Macy’s department store in the advertising department, he was soon promoted to an in-house photographer position for the company.
In 1990, he opened Kimio Takeyama Photography Studio in New York City.
He currently works with an impressive roster of prestigious company’s including SHISEIDO la prairie, TATCHA, Glaceau, aRUDE, Seiko Time and Citigroup.
He is also a director of J-collabo.



Web&Graphic Design

Born in Unzen, Nagasaki, Mika was influenced by the dreams and traditions of her family. Her grandfather’s career in local politics inspired her to be altruistic. Her grandmother’s love for classical Japanese dance led her to study it and practice for many years. She developed an interest in American art and culture from watching movies with her father, and her mother’s interests in fashion design led her to pursue a career as an artist in the United States. Her adventures in America included fine art studies in California, study tour in Europe, and ultimately to New York and a career as a graphic designer. Now she is studying Communication Design at Parsons The New School for Design. Along this journey, she met various mentors and friends who inspired her to keep moving forward. J-collabo represents an opportunity to continue her adventure and share her experience with many great artists and designers who have journeys of their own.


Graphic Design

Nozomi Tada was born and raised in Ishikawa Japan. After graduating high school, he moved to Bellingham, Washington in 2003. During the years in community college, he found himself in field of art and design, and he graduated Whatcom Community College as a Visual Communication major. In 2009, he decided to move to New York to study graphic design at School of Visual Arts(SVA). After learning at SVA, He is currently working as a Graphic Designer at the studio based in Brooklyn, and also as a freelance creative artist.


Web Design

Born in Arita, Saga. Atsushi was brought up in a town known for its pottery and found fun in the creativity of this art form. After graduat- ing in mechanical engineering from Yokohama National University, he came to New York to study graphic design at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). He has collaborated with “Graniph” in Japan and “T-bar” in Australia with respect to T-shirts design. Both of these collaborations were favorably received on the market and realized substantial sales. He also engages in web design and programming, and started a template service of portfolio websites for artists and designers. He now has a studio in Long Island City and creates various works from web designs to directing designs for a brand of eye glasses.




A Yokohama native, Mina Hiraiwa started showing her curiosity by reading books at the age of three. The picture books of Curious George enabled her to connect with the world outside Japan from that early age. She continued reading foreign books throughout her school years, fascinated by the beauty of world depicted in these books, and developed a passion for living and studying overseas. After getting her university degree and working for several years at international organizations, unable to resist her passion for learning outside Japan, she came to New York City to study journalism in order to pursue her career as an art/culture journalist.

Shogo Nikaido

Event in Japan

Nikaido currently, active mainly on the management and casting of various artists and creators at Tokyo, Shibuya. Nikaido engaged in the collaboration with the artists such as a design plan, catalogue production and an event plan. It ties up with hair salon “NINE” of the NY East village in 2011. Other than casting, Nikaido lay emphasis on next generation artists and creators upbringing.


Grants Writing

Born in Kobe, Hyogo, Yukiko Takahashi studied theater arts at Osaka University and Performing Arts Administration at NYU. She has been pursuing cultural exchange projects in the performing arts, which she believes are crucial for people of different backgrounds to achieve mutual understanding. Her producing credit includes a Rakugo performance at the United Nations with four-language subtitles and performances by a modern dance company from Sendai in their first appearance abroad following the Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami at La MaMa Moves festival. Yukiko coordinated a tour of Jordan and Palestine by Yoshiko Chuma and the School of Hard Knocks and the first US tour by the Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra. She is also involved in the business aspects of commercial theater including international licensing of musicals and straight plays.



Profile coming soon.



After working as foreign correspondence at Shueisha Publishing company in early 80’s in New York City, studying at NYU Tish art and Science Graduate School for Cinema Studies, Hisami Kuroiwa established the company, Media Space, Inc. in 1984. She has also worked as a consultant for festivals such as Asian American International Film Festival in NY, Kobe International Film Festival in Japan, and worked on Malatya International Film Festival in Turkey as competition jury in 200, and served as competition jury for Dialogue Culture International Film Festival in New York, in October 2011, and served as competition jury at Thessaloniki International Film Festival in November 2011. She also served as competition Jury at New York Polish Film Festival in May, 2012.


J-EVENT(SAIKO project)

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J-EVENT(Origin Session project)

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Assistant Manager

John Figueredo was born in Brooklyn N.Y. He was raised in southern N.J. and soon after graduating high school, he returned to New York to pursue a career as a commercial artist. After studying art and fashion design in FIT he began a career as a freelance creative artist which explored continually more diverse areas of art and design. From fashion design to event production, Illustration to interior decorating and well beyond, John has worked to maintain as broad a technical range as possible and always marketed himself as a creative problem solver and collaborator. John continues to work and consult for various artists and companies in New York while also developing creative marketing strategies to promote J-collabo as a cultural catalyst from an artist’s perspective. He also assists in the individual artist programs both as a coordinator and as a contributing artist.



Advisory Board

Steve was born and breed in Manhattan. A Venture Capitalist, Mr. Globus first went to Japan when he sold his technology company to Matsushita in 1996. He refers to himself as a “cultural provocateur,” looking for creative talent and fusion combination of Western and Japanese culture to encourage. He has been an important sponsor of Japanese culture in the Metropolitan area. The Globus Film Series is an annual event at Japan Society every Spring which is a major event in Nihon Cinema presentations in USA. He has worked with many cultural institutions including both Asia and Japan Societies. He has a 3 level Japanese NihonMa (space) that contains a Ryokan for visiting artists, Chashitsu for Tea Ceremony, and a Gallery that highlights Japanese crafts and Arts. He has worked with J-Collabo on various fund raisers including last year’s Geisha Kikuno’s VIP reception at his space. He travels to Japan at least twice a year to visit artists, attend film festivals, and provide assistance to Tohoku area.


Advisory Board

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Advisory Board

Shuichi worked in the beauty industry with Shiseido for 36 years, and spent over 18 years leading their global business development in the US and in Europe as CEO of the area headquarters. In Japan, his assignment was mainly on new product development for both Shiseido and IPSA. Through many years of experience in the international markets, he was always interested in intercultural collaboration between Japan and other countries. His current focus is on supporting young entrepreneurs in Japan and the U.S., whose work creates new interpretation of Japanese culture which can be accepted globally as a new universal culture.


Advisory Board

Isao Tsujimoto has just presented his first and successful exhibition project “Voices from Japan” in New York City in the summer of 2012, as founder of Studio for Cultural Exchange,. After completed his distinguished career at the Japan Foundation, which included two directorships in NY (2006-2011) and LA (1996-2000), Isao went on to open the “Studio” in Tokyo, his native city, in the spring 2011. Soon he initiated the project of Voices from Japan that shares the heart of Japanese people since the disasters in March 2011. With his extensive network both in Japan and the United States, Isao continues his effort to inspire people by bringing voices and by connecting people in the world.


Advisory Board

Founder and Executive Director of HappyDoll, Inc., a nonprofit organization connecting children through the making and exchanging of unique and fun dolls. In 2001, she became Founder and Director of MSTERIO, a summer camp in Japan. She is also a team member of Keio University Hospital’s “Kokoro no Care” project in Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture. She is a board member of Midori & Friends, Princeton in Asia, and Find Your Voice, and Co-chair of Friends of Children and Youth Programs at Japan Society. Nozomi was an Executive Director at Morgan Stanley, working in various capacities for 18 years. She has also worked at the American Embassy in Tokyo, Fuji Television, and Itochu International. Nozomi resides in NY.


Advisory Board

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Advisory Board

Victoria Tsai is founder and CEO of TATCHA, a brand dedicated to sharing classical Japanese beauty and culture with a new generation. Prior to creating TATCHA, Victoria was a sought after brand and product strategist for leading global beauty and consumer products companies seeking to bring Eastern brands to the Western world and vice versa. It was through this work that she became a passionate student of classical Japanese beauty and culture. Victoria is a graduate of Harvard Business School and Wellesley College.


Advisory Board

Brad Murray is the President of TATCHA, a brand dedicated to sharing classical Japanese beauty and culture with a new generation. Prior to joining TATCHA, Brad was a private equity investor at JH Partners, where he focused on investments in the luxury consumer products sector, and Summit Partners, where he worked on growth equity investments in a variety of industries. Brad is a graduate of Harvard Business School and Williams College.


Advisory Board

Linda Hoaglund was born in Japan, the daughter of American missionary parents, and raised in rural Japan where she attended Japanese public schools. A graduate of Yale University, she was a bilingual news producer for Japanese television between 1981 and 1987. In 1987 she joined an independent American film production company as a producer. Since 1996, she has subtitled 200 Japanese films. She recently produced and wrote the feature documentary film, Wings of Defeat and ANPO, the story of resistance to U.S. military bases in Japan and the cultural legacy of those protests. It is scheduled for completion in 2010.


Advisory Board

Ryohei Yufu is News Repoter based in Oita., Japan. He graduated from the department of economics at Meiji Gakuin University in Tokyo 2007. After graduation He started working for local broadcasting company in Oita.He has experience as UNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPAN intern and music event organizer in Tokyo/Oita.


Advisory Board


Advisory Board

Kei Hirano

Advisory Board

Kei Hirano has collaborated with designers, artists, schools and design centers all over the world and promoted projects with concept of “Art in Life” and has been involved in a lot of projects of new lifestyle creation cooperating and collaborating with producers of products, retailers and designers, and developed new brands and product lines based on strategic marketing.


September Concert
Happy Doll
Save Japan