With core essenses from Japanese culture, J-EDUCATE creates programs to foster future generations through communication and creative abilities as well as cross-cultural sensibilities. J-EDUCATE develops programs that can be adopted by educational institutions, involving professionals from all over the world.


Omotesenke Style Tea Ceremony


After a busy day, it is such a pleasure to sit peacefully in a tearoom, listening to the sound of SHOFU and drinking tea. 
In the United States, traditional Japanese culture can make us nostalgic, but this only increases its value. When I go into the tearoom, I feel the purified air of the tea ceremony. All the senses are reset by this break from our usual schedule. 
”Chanoyu Murasaki,” everyone from children to adults can enjoy and benefit from learning the Japanese tea ceremony. We have gatherings to initiate children to the ceremony who have not experienced it before. I would like everyone who lives here to experience this Japanese ritual for themselves and taste the wonderful qualities of Japanese tea.

Per class for $40. 

Trial tea classes 4 times : $140 which includes a hand made sweet, a bowl of green tea and learning the basic manners of a guest in the tea room.

5/21, 6/18  Fall class TBD
Saturday 10am-1pm

Need to make a reservation for the class.
Instructor: Keiko (Soshi) Kitazawa

Please contact to :


Performing Japanese Calligraphy


It is a completely new Japanese culture to teach the Japan of the document by using a brush to the large sheet of paper. Brain and heart because the production using the whole body and you are not trained. Please come in good looking even dirty

Class (10 – 65 years old)
5/16 Monday3:30-5:00PM
6/13 Monday 3:30-5:00PM

participation fee:$30 per class



Judo one of Japan’s national sports is being practiced at J-Collob . Children /Adults  are taught how to defend themselves, throw, hold down and submit their opponents  (over 13 for submissions). They are part of a great workout and learn the way of Judo.
Classes are conducted for kids

Saturday 11am
Adults Friday 6pm
Saturday @noon
Instructor: Barry Friedberg Tuition please visit

Action Paint


Coming Soon…

Contact us

All classes at J-COLLABO 300-302 7th ST Brooklyn,NY 11215
To attend the classes or if you have any questions about class in detail.
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