Sho-sa : Sho/Hana/Cha

Shosa: “behavior, conduct, carriage, gesture”. Shosa is a word to express gesture or body movement such as handling, posture, and bowing. The way to smoothly entertain guests by sharpening ones sense from the top of the head to each finger is very beautiful. You can find the Japanese aesthetic value in the unique actions which can be seen from time to time in the clean flowing movement. The terminology “ichigo ichie (an encounter is a once in a life-time event)”, which is the basics of hosting, is originated from the tea ceremony. The hospitality to the guests is expressed through they hanging scroll paintings, the flower arrangement, the tools for tea ceremony, and the tea itself.

Created By
Kotaro Hachinohe ( Japanese Calligraphy )
Akiyo Sano ( Ikebana )
Souki Usui ( Tea Ceremony )
Yoshitaka Mori ( Video and Editing )
Masami Adachi ( Video )
Iori Tajika ( Photograph )
Kotaro Ohashi ( Photograph )
Takaya Nagase ( Music )
Hitoshi Sagaseki ( Creative Direction )