ONKOCHISHIN -You can renew the past into a tomorrow’s wisdom.-
A calligraphy brush and the violin, traditional symbols of the East and the West respectively, will collaborate in this live performance. Both instruments have been used as avenues of expression in both cultures from ancient times. Today, we will install a CCD camera to the brush and a digital device to the violin and produce our unique expression of art. This improvisational art will lead us to the road of unknown.

Created By
Kotaro Hachinohe ( Japanese Calligraphy )
Kenji Williams ( Violin )
Takaya Nagase ( Sound Engineer )
Yoshitaka Mori ( Visual Support and Video Editing )
Masami Adachi ( Video )
Iori Tajika ( Photograph )
Iori Tajika ( Photograph )
Kotaro Ohashi ( Photograph )