Dou:the way of beauty

The spirit of “Dou” has been cherished since ancient days, as can be seen in Japanese unique cultures, including calligraphy, flower arrangement, and tea ceremony. “Dou” meansthe way of living, that is, the attitude of pursuing the essence of life. This philosophy is derived from Zen, and unique to Japan. They considerthe border between non-daily and daily things, and respect nature and elders.It’s no exaggeration to say that the spirit of “Dou” developed the Japanesecharacteristic values and aesthetic sense that emphasizes courtesy and details.

Created By
Kotaro Hachinohe ( Japanese Calligraphy )
Akiyo Sano ( Ikebana ) Souki Usui ( Tea Ceremony )
Yoshitaka Mori ( Video and Editing )
Kimio Takeyama ( Photograph )
Takaya Nagase ( Music )
Hitoshi Sagaseki ( Creative Direction )