Japans is renowned for the beauty of its seasons. People have lived along with the changes of the seasons from distant antiquity, an aesthetic developed from out of a love for the delicate shades and fading colors of the turn of the seasons. The enjoyment obtained from subtle changes is an undercurrent running through various aspects of culture in Japan: clothing, cuisine, housing, entertainment, and the overall lifestyle of the Japanese people.

Moreover, Japan had been blessed since ancient times with the influx of culture from the Asian mainland, and took in the most advanced learning that came out of China. One such form of learning is a natural philosophy known as the Wu Xing or “Five Movements,”by which everything is divided into five element. Following the Five Movements, or reflecting the impressions of the seasons, each season and sub-season:early spring, spring, early summer, fall, lateral, and winter, is expressed in a different color.

The Japanese sensibility has been honed by such delicate changes, and by an upbringing of attunement to these seasonal transitions. The Japanese concept of the “simple” therefore inevitably includes a sense of the “delicate.” We wish to express the delicacy of today in these seven seasons and hues.

Created by
Kenji Takenaka: Artist
Kei Hirano: Assistant
Takaya Nagase: Music
Kimiyo Takeyama: Photographed
Mayuko Hari: Video
Sho Momma: Editing
Hitoshi Sagaseki: Creative Direction