“Bokushoku – Shichisai” meaning “seven black colors,” is an important term in Japanese Calligraphy and Suiboku-ga (ink painting). The idea behind this term is that “black” is not simply a flat, single pigment, but rather, a subtle and dynamic blend of tones. It has been said that all colors are present in black and that the subtle light and dark shades of Japanese ink in combination with the artist’s calligraphic style reveals and mimics the spectrum of human emotion and nature’s unique palette. The story expressed in this exhibition is composed in haiku and portrayed thru pure white, lacquer black (kizairo), gold, vermillion, ultramarine bull pigment, and light purple.

Created by
Kotaro Hachinohe: Artist
Yuichi Uchida: Video
Takaya Nagase: Music
Kazuomi Iwai: Video
Mayuko Hari: Photograph
Sho Momma: Editing
Hitoshi Sagaseki: Creative Direction