Urashima Tarou

This is a story of a young fisherman named Urashima Taro who saves a turtle from a group of children torturing it and in return the turtle invites him to the underwater world.
The illustorator Fumiko Toda sais, this is one of the most well known stories in Japan and a majority of Japanese children might encounter it in an early age as I did.
According to designing this project I have focused on an imagery I had of the story when I was little, which contains a feeling of excitement,
spirituality and magic when the turtle is introducing Urashima Taro to the unknown world of under the water.
Taking an advantage of this great opportunity to collaborate with Makie -artist, the dots are done by Raden, which consists of mother of pearl In order to give a underwater felling.

Created by

Fumiko Toda (Painter)
Hitoshi Sagaseki (Creative Director)