Kumo no Ito

[A Spider’s Thread] Ryunosuke Akutagawa

One day the Buddha looked down into the hell. The looked at the man
Kandara also he was very bad man when he lived. But there was only one
good thing he did. He had helped the spider. Seeing the situation of
the hell, the Buddha remembered the good thing Kandara had done. So
the Buddha decided to save Kandara from the hell. There was a spider
having a thread around the pond. The Buddha took the tread and hung it
down the bottom of the hell in order to save him.

Kandara looked up to the sky of bread pond, a spider’s tread existed
just upon him with beautiful and silent light. Kandara was grad. He
thought that he would escape the hell if he could scale the spider’s
thread as far as he reached the paradise. Soon Kandara held the
spider’s thread and scaled up. But suddenly he found that many people
with sins were scaling the thread like the ants under Kandara. If the
thread was broken, Kandara also fell the hell. It was not acceptable
for Kandara, of course. So Kandara shouted. “Hey, prisoners. The
spider’s thread is mine. Who accepted you to scale it? Get down! Get
down! “ It occurred just after he shouted. The spider’s thread was
broken just at Kandara’s hand with a slight sound. He fell to the hell

The selfish man Kandara fell into the hell again because of his
selfish manners. So one moral is that we must not act in selfish way.
But the most important thing is that we should do good thing not to
fall into hell after our death.

Created by

Kotaro Hachinohe (Japanese calligrapher)
Hitoshi Sagaseki (Creative Director)