The poor old man goes out to town on New Years Eve in on a cold and snowy day,
hoping to sell all that he has to offer so he can afford some rice.
Unsuccessful in doing so, the old man gives up and starts his way home where he sees 6 jizous who looked deathly cold.
The thoughtful and kind hearted old man provides warmth with the 5 straw hats that he could not sell.
With one jizou left cold, he gives his own piece of cloth and wraps it around the head.
Though the Old man comes home empty handed, the wife was understanding and tells him it was the right thing to do.
At midnight, the are awaken by a surprise full of rice, vegetables,fish, and money left from the jizous to repay the kindness from the old man.

The box only has 4 sides.
But each character depicts the jizous, who feel full of warmth and the feeling of a heart of gold that the Old Man had given them.
Even the smallest act of kindness can fulfill someone’s heart with things that money cannot even buy.

Created by

Eri Wakiyama (illustrator)
Hitoshi Sagaseki (Creative Director)