“Details” and “The Work in Progress”

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The white-shirt, Details, is a shirts designed for an individual who is particular about details in a design. The plain shirts with full of elements will allow the wearers enjoy the changes of the rhythm in their common activities: washing hands or checking the time. The first button and the cuff buttons, which are very small and only the wearer and very close friend of hers/his can see, are made out of precious sterling silver. Hidden polka-dot patterns in a collar will show when the collar is lifted. When the first button is undone and the cuff is flipped, the fabric backing will peek. When the plain white shirt exhibits an unique and humorous personality, it will make the wearer smile. Details is all about a personal luxury.

Instead, The T-shirt, The Work in Progress, is a work-in-progress. With the improvising lines and stitches, The Work in Progress playfully represents the processes, transformations, and happenings in a design. Inspired by old Japanese beliefs in architecture, the threads are purposely unfinished. The Japanese believed: “perfection is the beginning of declining” so that they added unfinished elements purposely in order to make the architecture eternal. I enjoyed collaborating with Ms. Natsuko Kanno from 4 Corners of a Circle. She made threads run freely and creatively. I hope everyday wearers will enjoy this tailor made work of art created by lots of lucky accidents eternally.