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My home town, Arita, is know for Arita-yaki, which is the most famous style of Japanese pottery, and it is one of my roots as a designer. I had been thinking to create something using Arita-yaki since I became a graphic designer in NY. There are various Arita-yaki potteries from very expensive one to a daily dish. It means the thought of “Hare & Ke” is in Arita-yaki, too. So, it is very natural for me to set it as the concept of this project. All buttons and broaches of the dress shirt as “Hare”are made of Arita-yaki. They are made by my father, who is a pottery designer in Arita. On the t-shirt as “Ke”, I illustrated patterns that come down from old Arita-yaki (koimari), and I arranged them like pieces of ceramic ware.