Clad in words

There must be only a small number of people who would deny the relationships between words and calligraphy. The calligraphers have been wondering “What are words?” As if going against the exploration of calligraphers, the affluent modern society with abundance of things has been affirming the importance of words. In the modern society where a variety of communication platforms such as 2 channel, blog, and twitter exist, it is extremely important to capture the words accurately. Now, the fairy of letters is sounding an alarm to the world of human beings who are not treating words carefully. What does it mean to treat the words carefully? I visualized an image clad in words.

Created by

Kinya Ota ( Photograph )

Kotaro Hachinohe ( Calligraphy )

Naho Sawada ( Hair and Makeup )

Natsuko Kanno ( Styling )

Yoshitaka Mori ( Video )

Yugo Funaki ( Music )

Atsushi Kaneishi ( Web )

Hitoshi Sagaseki ( Creative Direction )