Teacup Universe

With the tea ceremony they say that there is a “universe” in a teacup. In the tea ceremony’s spirit, which has incorporated a zen philosophy, there is a dualistic thinking of “Things do not appear and they do not disappear. They exist but do not exist. ” Through a teacup, one can feel the vision of “one world” before feeling “the second world” of this dualistic thinking, namely, a space beyond the bounds of concept (extraordinary space = universe). By using the teacup, I expressed another universe from a new perspective.

Created by

Masami Adachi ( Photograph and Video)

Rie Nishimura ( Painting )

Sho Momma ( Video )

Steve Chen ( Video )

Kenji Williams ( Music )

Atsushi Kaneishi ( Web )

Hitoshi Sagaseki ( Creative Direction )