The Line of Beauty

The Ikebana is an art originated from Japan. However, nowadays, it is internationally appreciated. The Ikebana not only uses colorful flowers but also skillfully takes into account the forms of the branches and stems. The Ikebana and makeup (traditional Japanese makeup) have many common points such as designing a structure using points, lines and plane based on their movement, rhythm and balance and developing a basis. For example, the Kabuki makeup called “kumadori” uses lines effectively. The red lines express the “justice”, “courage”, brawny muscle, and boiling of blood vessels (enthusiasm). This time, while focusing on the lines, I depicted a spontaneous and beautiful woman’s figure in the lively and lean lines of plants.

Created by

Kimio Takeyama ( Photograph )

Kamami ( Model )

Setsuko Suzuki ( Hair and Makeup )

Akiyo Sano ( Ikebana )

Sho Momma ( Video )

Kyoko Takeyama ( Retouch )

Atsushi Kaneishi ( Web )

Hitoshi Sagaseki ( Creative Direction )